Application of kinesiotape can be used for a variety of dysfunctions from lower back strains, plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains, injury prevention and everything in between.

At Massage Athletica we will often conclude injury care treatments with the application of kinesiotape. It’s not a new modality, but has gained popularity in recent years due to its many benefits.

What’s the big deal with taping?

As a practitioner I will often use kinesiotape to promote proper posture. An example would be someone who works at a desk all day, which often puts the shoulders in a forward position. The tape is applied to support the weakened muscles while it works to prevent improper movement patterns.

Kinesiotape is more than just promoting proper movement. For anyone with pain, research indicates it’s effective in reducing ones perception of pain. This is explained through the neurological perspective where the application of kinesiotape provides enhanced sensory stimulation.

With any injury the body repairs tissue by creating an inflammatory response. I use kinesiotape to minimize edema by improving lymphatic drainage flow and superficial microcirculatory flow.

Difference between athletic tape and kinesiotape?

Unlike traditional tape, which utilizes compression and immobilization, kinesiotape is elastic and offers a more comfortable alternative.  Kinesiotape allows the muscle or joint to continue to move through its full range of motion without losing support or compromising circulation.

Kinesiotape during competition?

Fascial movement taping (FMT) is becoming more popular among athletes.  Using tape, we can help an athlete better engage and coordinate  an athletes movements to increase efficiency and reduce fatigue during sport.   For example in a runner the tape can be used to coordinate glute through hamstring to engage the posterior chain.  In a cyclist the tape can help to reduce fatigue of the time trial position on neck extensors and limits head drop.

In the upcoming weeks we will introduce some kinesiotaping videos.