Let’s talk FrostFit 2013. Public registration opened for FrostFit 2013 on December 7th,2012. I had read online that registration was to open at 3PM that day. I logged on at exactly 3pm FrostFit only to find out that I could not register. I refreshed the page and I revealed the same result, registration for the women’s non-RX’d category was already full.

I had thought to myself in the days leading up to registration that I should check periodically to make sure that they didn’t open registration early on that day. Though I thought that 3 PM meant 3PM. I heard through the grapevine that registration actually opened early on the afternoon of the 7th. I was not impressed that I wasn’t able to get a spot in the initial registration sweep, but I did have the forethought to email CrossFit Winnipeg to try and secure a spot on a wait list.

I received and e-mail the other morning as I was leaving from a Massage Therapy appointment that I had booked for myself. I was feeling pretty good after my treatment and getting back from my trip, and ready to start training hard towards FrostFit. The e-mail read that a Second round of registration would open on December 17th at 2 PM. So, I thought, here is my second chance to get registered and compete in the competition. I had meant to book off sometime while working at the clinic so I could register. I forgot and didn’t make it to the computer until 3 PM. Once again registration for the women’s non-RX’d category was full and that I hadn’t gotten a spot. There are 34 spots in total for this category and all of them are full.

I am disappointed in not getting a spot, but I wasn’t super confident that I would be ready to compete to the best of my abilities.

As a massage therapist this time of year is extremely busy as many people are attempting to use up their extended health insurance before the end of the year. Not to mention all the Christmas parties and a family gatherings!

I wish all of those who are competing in FrostFit 2013 good luck! I’m hoping to be there next year.