Muscle Strains

Predisposing Factors in Development of Muscle Strains

  • Insufficient flexibility
  • Excessive muscle tightness
  • Fatigue, overuse, inadequate recovery
  • Muscle imbalance
  • Inadequate warm-up

Grade 1 Strain
Clinical features: localized pain but no loss of strength. Maybe small amount of bruising.
Pathology: small numbers of muscle fibers torn.

Grade 2 Strain
Clinical features: pain, swelling, bruising. Strength is reduced and movement is limited by pain.
Pathology: tear of significant number of muscle fibers.

Grade 3 Strain
Clinical features: significant loss of movement/strength. May be no pain.
Pathology: complete tear of muscle. Seen most frequently at musculotendinous junction.

Management of this condition involves REST from aggravating activities, and massage therapy and strengthening to treat imbalances, resolve abnormal biomechanics and training techniques.

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