Rotator Cuff Syndrome

The rotator cuff is unique in that it requires the balance and coordination of five muscles for rotation and movement of the arm. When these muscles are not in balance the body compensates to try to correct the movement. This is when rotator cuff syndrome may develop.

This condition is often found in people whose sport or profession requires their arms to be over head repetitively or for extended periods of time. Proper shoulder movement requires that the tendons of the shoulder muscles be able to glide under the acromion process of the scapula without restriction. When people are doing repetitive over head movements these tendons can rub against acromion process of the shoulder blade and cause inflammation and scar tissue to grow in this small space decreasing range of motion and causing pain. This scar tissue must be removed to restore proper range of motion.

Management of this condition involve massage therapy, strength and mobility exercises to the shoulder complex.

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