RECOVERY begins the second you cross the finish line! Never underestimate the power of rest and recovery. Everyone recovers at different rates, and the speed at which we recover depends on many variables like the intensity of your race performance.

Tip #1 Delay the massage. Unless you’ve had regular massage for most individuals, even a light massage may be too painful immediately post-race. A better time is about 3 days after the event when the body has had an opportunity to naturally repair itself.

Tip #2 Take a break from the impact of running. Cross-train a few times for 20 to 30 minutes with activities that are low impact. Walking, cycling, and swimming are great alternatives.

Tip #3 Use gentle stretching with caution. There is no conclusive research showing stretching reduces post exercise soreness and pain after marathons.  Stretching too much may do harm!

Tip #4 Avoid weight training. Weight training exercises for the legs should be avoided until soreness is gone, as further breakdown of muscle tissue can occur.

Tip #5 Plan Ahead. Motivate yourself by targeting your next event!