Mike doing CrossFit

Were down to crunch time!  This week I tried to run more than previous weeks, so I made an effort to stay away from CrossFit 204.  Unfortunately this morning I had planned on running about 20 miles.  I had planned on meeting my training partners Cathy and Bradley, but we all missed each other as we had attempted to coordinates our routes last night.   After a few miles of running in the rain I decided it might be wise to try again when the weather conditions were better.  As I headed home I was wondering whether Cathy and Bradley adjusted their runs. In turns out Cathy decided to cut her run short.  And Bradley managed to run 2hr45!  Now I have to motivate myself to do a workout this evening…


60 Minute Easy Run


75 Minute Easy Run


CrossFit – 10 Minute Easy Run + 5 rounds of 30 second intervals side jumps-plank circles-front lunges-side hops + max reps of pushups & pull ups


30 Minute Easy Run


25 Minute Easy Run + Drills + 2 x 5 Minutes at Threshold (1min rest) + 3 Minute Easy Run + 2 x 3 Minutes at Threshold (1min rest) + 3 Minute Easy Run + 2 x 1 Minute at Threshold + 10 Minute Easy Run


40 Minute Easy Run


60 Minute Easy Run