Another Manitoba Marathon has come  and gone. In the months leading up to the marathon I knew deep down I was not doing the necessary training to put myself in a position to win the race. I just wasn’t motivated to do the necessary training. As a competitor I believed past experience and talent might be enough on race day!

As soon as the starters gun sounded I settled into 7th place. I tried to be patient, and hope the other competitors would come back to me in the second half. No luck. The runners ahead of me held their pace. After placing so well in past Manitoba Marathons I definitely had to swallow my pride. I extremely proud of my effort when I consider how little time I had to prepare. I certainly have some people to thank – Lisa and Jolene at Massage Athletica made it easy for me to sneak out for short runs. The crew at Crossfit 204 have been amazing. And Dr. Glen Bailey has been instrumental in keeping me healthy.

I realized how much I hate losing! I am motivated to win this marathon for the 5th time!

This was my training for the final week:


50 minute easy run


15 minute easy run + 6 x 10 second sprints + 15 minute threshold run + 15 minute easy run


30 minute easy run


30 minute easy run


30 minute easy run


10 minute easy run + 4  x 10 second sprints


Full Marathon – 7th place