How To Heal A Hamstring Tendinosis

I’ve come to the realization that most high hamstring injuries are misdiagnosed and ultimately improperly treated. For many athletes especially runners this injury is literally a pain in the butt!

I would know because as I had this exact injury for two years. It was a nagging pain at the top of the hamstring near the gluteus. I visited countless practitioners the advice varied from strengthening, stretching, cortisone and platelet rich plasma injections.

It wasn’t until I was training to become a massage therapist that I determined that I had a hamstring tendinosis. Unlike a tendinitis injury that is an inflammatory condition of the tendon. The term tendinosis is a non-inflammatory condition of the tendon. Tendinosis is said to be degenerative in nature resulting from overuse causing micro trauma.

Below is an exercise that I provide most patients that have a “chronic high hamstring” injury. I have to give credit to Dr. Brady for introducing me to this exercise. He explains that the exercise allows you to isolate the hamstring tendon without overloading it. In my experience too many practitioners are too aggressive with rehabilitating this injury. Traditional exercises such as dead lifts and hamstring curls can be cheated with glute maximus and adductor compensation.