An excellent way to integrate strength of the posterior chain. This exercise is ideal for those who have suffered hamstring injuries. Click Here for the visual explanation.

Step 1:  Stand with feet shoulder width apart.

Step 2:  Collapse backwards, breaking at the hips while bending the knees, trying to get your glutes toward the wall behind you. Make sure the hips go backwards!

Step 3:  Keep the spine neutral. Lower until about 15 degree incline.

Step 4:  Reverse the motion by contracting the glutes and bringing the hips forward. Do not lead with shoulders when returning to standing.

Two to three sets of 15 reps once per day works great.

You should start to feel stronger hip extension with running.

NOTE: This is a rehab exercise NOT a bodybuilding exercise. Weight exceeding 20 lbs can cause a potenially harmful shearing load on the lumbar spine. Best to keep the weight around 10-20lbs.

CAUTION: If you have disc issues you may need to skip this exercise or cut the range in half.